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Project Implementation Manager

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Project Implementation Manager - Telecomms

Our client in Zurich is urgently looking for Project Implementation managers for contract roles based in Zurich.

Main tasks
Overall coordination, end-to-end, within the network for timely and accurate delivery of business services, intrusion, respectively. SPOC for the sales channel, which is the primary customer interface.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Receipt of Work Orders from Sales and Network
Checking of the work orders for technical accuracy in conjunction with the Order Validation Team
Dispatch of appropriate tasks to the different network supplier
Control and compliance with the time requirements and implementation of the project plan
Overall coordination problems and overall lead to the development of alternatives
Ensuring the flow of information in daily operations as well as with problems (eg scheduling conflicts)
Acknowledgment of progress as well as final report (Ready For Service) commissioned the work orders (eg Project Manager)
Cost Control: Check gathering, and will report (to PL), the effective cost/time expenses that are accrued for the Project.
Is project leader of the team "realization" (see standard project-organization) of Sales
Over examination of the technical feasibility of the Work Order
Ensuring the timely delivery of business services
Overall coordination for the implementation phase
If you have problems or questions contact for discussion and clarification with the customer, project manager or appropriate interface
Ensuring a delegate for absences such as holidays and military
Active participation in the process and system developments for the delivery process (new, change, cease)
The implementation manager within the project organization and assigned staff resources leadership skills
Discrepancy between delivery pressure of the service, availability of network resources and cost pressures
Coordination of different suppliers
Optimal resource management. High quality at minimum cost

Practical experience
Customer Focus
Basic technical training in telecommunications or relevant experience in this area
Experience with data services (IP, FR/ATM)
Experience with mobile and voice services
Good knowledge of English and German (French desirable)
The receipt of Work Orders from Sales and Network
5 PLUS years experience in the construction and commissioning of data networks

If you are interested in this role, please send your Cv to Ms. Tora Adamsson at Elan.

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