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Our client is an innovative healthcare solutions company dedicated to providing affordable, accessible services while maintaining a personal connection for patients. Thousands of workers are protected and healthier due to the efforts and innovations of this AHA Platinum level company.


This position participates in a team environment for the delivery and maintenance of application systems. Responsible for programming, debugging and testing of applications in a development environment. Generally responsible for database design and system testing. This position provides technical, interpersonal and administrative skills in performing day-to-day work.

This position will work with a team utilizing one or more of the following premium technologies: Java/Perl/PHP/Python, J2EE, .NET, Unix Infrastructure, Oracle, DataStage, and/or SQL Server/MySQL. Expected deliverables include but are not limited to requirement analysis, system analysis, system design, data models, program design, source code development, test case development, testing, and documentation.


  • Develops and/or directs the creation of efficient and maintainable program code
  • Develops efficient and effective program and system solutions in solving highly complex business problems
  • Provides consulting support for IT and Business partners by researching, identifying and resolving complex technical problems
  • Continuously seeks to improve job skills and actively participates in the company's learning environment
  • Meets established deadlines while maintaining a high level of quality; negotiates changes to delivery dates
  • Develops highly complex programs and systems in support of business processes and objectives
  • Prepares and/or directs the creation of system test plans, test criteria, and test data.
  • Develops innovative solutions to problems
  • Understands, directs and participates in deliverables required by approved Development Lifecycles
  • Expected to contribute to process improvement
  • Determines and/or directs system design and prepares work estimates for development or changes for multiple work efforts
  • Takes initiative and seeks out work
  • Prepares and/or directs the creation of program, system, operational and User documentation
  • Performs and/or directs testing and documents the results
  • Adheres to policies, procedures, and standards in place within IT as well as all corporate policies, procedures and standards


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Business Administration, Engineering or a related field
  • Appropriate additional experience beyond the minimum required experience may be substituted for education
  • Total of 5 years relevant experience in a multi-platform environment, including, but not limited to application development or database development
  • Experience with Edifecs required: XEngine, Edifecs SpecBuilder, Edifecs mapper, TP configuration
  • Experience must include significant involvement with one or more of the following premium technologies: Java/Perl/PHP/Python, J2EE, .NET, Unix Infrastructure, Oracle, DataStage, and/or SQL Server/MySQL technologies used in a development environment
  • Communicates clearly in a timely manner in both verbal and written form
  • Ability to work well with, and potentially lead, groups of business customers and IT partners
  • Ability to provide direction to others in analysing and solving program and system issues and problems
  • Strong technical proficiency in core technologies and methodologies used by the team
  • Ability to effectively adapt to rapidly changing technologies and methodologies and apply them to technological and/or business needs of significant scope
  • Ability to analyze, diagnose and resolve highly complex programming problems and system coordination issues
  • Ability to provide technical direction and solutions to other team members
  • Recognizes differences of how senior managers think and work
  • Ability to plan and manage his/her own work, as well as 1-2 other team members
  • Ability to lead large multi-discipline teams for complex work efforts which includes estimating, coordinating, tracking progress, inspiring others to complete tasks on time, assisting with resolving issues and creating status reports
  • Ability to create a climate where people want to do their best as well as the ability to motivate and empower others on work teams
  • Ability to mentor and coach other team members in technical matters
  • Some telecommuting may be an option
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